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Промокоды Bazista INT CPS и купоны на скидку (Июль 2019)

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Прошедшие акции Bazista INT CPS:

Bazista is an E-commerce platform which uses decentralized money to lower the barriers of online trading for any person in the world.

How ICO works:

As in IPO in ICO you buy a token which is a share of the company. The main difference is that you do not receive stocks, you become an owner of the tokens which can be traded on the market.

At the end of last year, Bazista held the first round of the ICO, collecting more than $ 1,300,000. The company presented a prototype of the platform and began preparations for a consumer launch in 2018.

Attention! Publishers receive payouts only for the investments of the clients they acquired.

Value of ICO (2nd round): up to 4 000 000 $

Duration of the 2nd round: 2 months, till 06.03.2018

GEO: all countries

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