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Промокоды Ivacy.com INT и купоны на скидку (Декабрь 2017)

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Cкидка 83% на 2-летнюю подписку.

Cкидка 83% на 2-летнюю подписку. с предварительной защитой от угроз и шифрованием данных! Промокод не требуется. Внимание, акция ограничена по времени!

Промокод истек: 16.12.2017

Приобретая Ivacy VPN на 1 год получите +1 год в подарок!

Ввод промо-кода не требуется. Акция доступна для всех пользователей сервиса.

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Скидка 10% на все товары сайта!

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Промокод истек: 30.9.2017

At Ivacy.com, ingenuity is engrained throughout our product development cycle. The company believe in complete online freedom, along with impenetrable security of their users. Ivacy.com have engineered the best VPN service to help users experience absolute internet freedom.

In 2010, Ivacy was the first VPN Company to introduce a unique feature called “Split Tunneling”. This feature allowed the users complete control over which data to send through their ISP and which data to send through our VPN service. Since then, the company have integrated many additional features in the software and millions of satisfied users have benefited from them.

Other unique features include Unlimited Server Switching, Unlimited Data Transfer, Optimized P2P Servers, 5 Multi Logins and many other.


Ivacy.com welcomes everyone to join their Affiliate Program.

Advantages for publishers:

1. High conversion rate, well above the Industry average

2. Exclusive offers for high performing affiliates

3. Creative promotional material at your perusal every time


At Ivacy.com, the digital world becomes safer and more accessible for everyone!



Ivacy.com affiliate program

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