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Panda Security is one of the biggest and best-rated cyber-security companies in the world, protecting millions of devices from internet threats since 1990. This veteran created one of the very first antiviruses of the planet, by the time when you could count viruses with the palm of your hand. Today, thousands of new internet threats are born on a daily basis, and Panda is still innovating to make the internet a safer space.

Commission Structure

This program servers worldwide, and commissions are tiered as follow:

Hottest Products: Panda Dome Essential and Panda Dome Premium, together with Panda VPN are the best selling products. Panda suggests to its affiliate partners to promote Dome Premium, as is one of the most attractive products for users and pays out the highest commissions.Panda Dome is the 2018 product line of Panda, which is composed of Panda Dome Essential, Panda Dome Advanced, Panda Dome Complete, and Panda Dome Premium. You can find a full description of the features in the next section of the program review.

Panda VPN is the new tool to complete your security set-up. A trendy instrument due to its high potential, VPN tunneling encrypts your internet connection to become uncheckable when connected to public Wi-Fi networks, unlock restricted content, change your virtual location, and much more. Up to your imagination!

Existing Customer: Customer that is already registered in Panda’s system when he/she purchases our products.

New Customer: Customer that purchases our products and is not registered in Panda’s system

Monthly / Yearly products: back in 2016, Panda introduced the first monthly subscription service in the antivirus industry. Monthly subscriptions work especially good in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.


PandaSecurity affiliate program!


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