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Company Description – Since 2018, Beyoung has been curating the latest fashion trends that have raised shopping standards to the next level. Beyoung has recently achieved a 1 million+ user base and counting. Starting from a bunch of products like T-shirts & Mobile Covers, now they have countless in the league along with the Beyoung Originals – Boxers, Winter Collection, Shirts, Chinos & Jeans They have always kept the USP intact i.e. Premium Material, Pocket-friendly price, and diverse collection. Their notion and enthusiasm was high AF even when they were just 5 startup enthusiast to 100+ team members. The Beyoung team is now growing exponentially and they are already routed towards making Beyoung the leading fashion brand which will be the only shopping destination for fashion enthusiasts.

Campaign Description – This is a Cost per Sale (CPS) campaign where the publishers need to drive sales on BeYoung’s website.

Target – PAN India

Please Note: Brand Bidding is strictly prohibited. Any publisher found doing any such activity will be heavily penalized along with 100% deduction of entire billing in this campaign and account will be blocked.