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The British Council offers different packages to help tailor the language learning experience to a users’ needs. Users can choose between an English Online subscription to improve English with specific classes covering a wide range of topics, or by working with an IELTS Coach to help study for the IELTS examinations.

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Item SKU is Silver Package 5,91 EUR

Item SKU is Gold Package 1,78 EUR

Item SKU is Gold Package – post trial 9,66 EUR

Item SKU is Platinum Package 1,78 EUR

Item SKU is Platinum Package – post trial 11,91 EUR

Item SKU is IELTS Coach Express 11,81 EUR

Item SKU is IELTS Coach Lite 20,82 EUR

Item SKU is IELTS Coach Complete 45,96 EUR

Item SKU is Self-Study 0,89 EUR

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