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Affiliate Program easystaff.io    

Refer freelancers and companies that pay remote workers, all over the world, and earn money from their operations! Attract developers, IT specialists, designers, consultants, psychologists, illustrators, and help them get paid for their work.

How it works: Easystart service is a platform for freelancers that allows to receive payments from customers and individuals for rendering services, and receive reporting documents. Affiliate commission is 7% of the payment.  The average invoice amount is 956 euros. Conversion of users to paying users is 78%. Average affiliate commission – 6 euros from 1 freelancer per month. Easystaff service is a platform that allows you to pay for the work of remote employees around the world in a single-window mode, getting all the reporting documents. Affiliate commission is 0.4% of the customer turnover. The average payment of 1 company to remote employees is 8500 Euros Average affiliate commission – 40 euros per month from 1 company.

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