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Bonus scale

If your sales amount in the current month reaches the target, you will have an increase commission rate during the next month accordingly:

Sales amount Bonus rate

$3,000 – $4,999 23%

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$11,000+ 30%

Gentle Herd is a designer lifestyle brand committed to producing high-quality cashmere, silk essentials, daily clothes, and accessories for modern women.

We are a team with a passion for sustainable fabric and high-quality garments rooted in urban style’s practicality. By fusing natural materials with an urban style, we create luxurious pieces that fit any occasion. The power of Gentle Herd is to bring the tactile impression for you from nature and deliver to your wardrobe through the season-best wearing.

Target audience:

30% men / 70% women age: 25-44 years

Benefits for publishers:

Increased commission opportunities for extra exposure A 45-day tracking cookie with an unlimited amount of action referral. Access to multiple optimized product catalogues and a wide variety of text    links & creative banners. Newsletters keeping you informed on Gentle Herd trends, new products, and special offers as well as recommendations on our highest converting links. AOV ~$150-180 USD depending on the region.

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