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August Performance Incentive is now on. If your approved orders turnover in August is more than $500, you will enjoy the increased commission +1% to the default rate for August orders.

Welcome to ITEAD Affiliate Program! We want to thank you for your interest in promoting our products and we look forward to along and successful relationship.

About ITEAD: ITEAD specializes in developing and manufacturing hardware and smart home products. We provide a wide variety of smart products including  SONOFF brand for Wi-Fi DIY smart switches, Wi-Fi smart plugs, Wi-Fi smart wall switches, Wi-Fi smart lighting, ZigBee smart switch, accessories, NEXTION brand for different sizes and models of HMI displays, as well as DIY kits.

Affiliate Benefits: 1. 8% – 12% Commission 2. 90-day Cookie Duration 3. Regularly Update Datafeed Availability 4. Males Ages 18+ in majority 5. Exclusive Discounts and Coupons 6. Newsletters with updates on Banners, Promotions and Product Sneak Peeks.

ITEAD Intelligent Systems Co.Ltd.

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