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Libertex is a trading platform of Indication Investments Ltd, a member of Forex Club group. It is a multinational brand with almost 20 years of financial market and online-trading experience.

We’ve been helping our clients to trade stocks, currencies, indices, commodities, gold, oil, gas since 1997.

Libertex trading platform offers a user-friendly interface and incorporates innovative concepts.

Beginners will feel comfortable with the idea that they can’t lose more than their investment in a given position.

For example, if you deposit $1000 with Forex Club and invest $100 of that amount in Oil, you can’t lose more than $100.

Plain and simple – no fancy terms like spread, pip, lot, margin or leverage.


*Qualified Trader:  trader who amounted at least US$100, and makes at least 5 trades.

*Prohibited countries: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Poland, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Guam, Lebanon, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Uganda, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, South Africa, Northern Mariana Islands.

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