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Прошедшие акции Marks & Spencer Many GEOs:

Increased commission rate up to 5,2% during the following dates: November 3-11, 16-25 and December 5-25, 2022!

Marks & Spencer is one of the leading retailers selling stylish, high quality, great value clothing and home products. We work hard to provide our customers with the highest quality products, service and shopping environments.

Marks & Spencer Information

Our Plan A commitments include working with customers and our suppliers to combat climate change, reduce waste, use sustainable raw materials, trade ethically and help our customers to lead healthier lifestyles, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable major retailer. 

Programme benefits:

Fantastic brand and high average order values Great range of commissions Feeds to suit your needs and customers Regular offers and occasional exclusive offers and incentives

Voucher Codes

Affiliates may only promote codes that are provided through the Marks and Spencer affiliate programme, either through the interface or directly from the Admitad Affiliate Manager.

Affiliates may not promote voucher codes that are exclusive to a different affiliate. Marks and Spencer reserves the right to withhold payment of commission on all sales where an exclusive voucher code to another partner has been used.

Marks and Spencer reserves the right to withhold payment of commission if unauthorised voucher codes are used in an affiliate sale. We appreciate that consumers may use voucher codes that they have found via a site other than that which is awarded the sale and this will be investigated before decisions on commission payment are made. Any affiliate found to be displaying unauthorised codes may also have their commission set to zero until the code(s) are removed.

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