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Publishers rewards We offer 7% recurring commission. This means you’ll earn a commission for each successful payment we receive from customers for the first 12-months. By only referring 5 customers for Tapfiliate’s Pro plan you can already earn $52 every month, for 12 months! Commissions are awarded only when referred customers enter a paid plan, following the 14-day trial. There is no cap on how many referrals you send so the more customers you refer, the more you earn!

Tapfiliate’s target audience is eCommerce and SaaS businesses all over the world, who don’t have their affiliate program yet.

About Tapfiliate Our customers can easily create, track and optimize their own affiliate, referral and influencer marketing programs. They can launch and track all campaigns under one hood.

Tapfiliate integrates directly with multiple  platforms. Businesses can start boosting their sales immediately. They can set up referral marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing or any program they’d like.

Proudly founded in the Netherlands: Tapfiliate started up in 2014 in Amsterdam and has since been powering affiliate, referral and influencer marketing programs for SaaS & E-commerce businesses worldwide.

Why do customers choose Tapfiliate? Tapfiliate provides the flexibility and all-in-one features that help create, track, and manage advertisers’ partner marketing efforts. Setting up is seamless, you don’t need a developer to get started.

Go live in just minutes, no coding needed A wealth of affiliate & referral program options Influencer marketing tracking Built-in partner recruitment feature Powerful reporting

Scalable Growth Tapfiliate is designed to fit the needs of businesses at any stage and in any geography. We offer simple solutions for businesses just starting out, and more advanced functionality for those looking to scale. With a global presence, multi-language affiliate dashboards, different currencies supported and numerous integrations, Tapfiliate is fully compatible with businesses around the world.

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