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Program Overview:

OfficeSuite provides an all-encompassing solution featuring 5+1 feature-rich applications tailored for working with Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, PDFs, and more​. The program falls under various categories including Business, Small Business, Software, and Writing, with the product type being categorized as a Digital Product​.

Affiliate Commission:

Affiliates can earn a commission of 25% per sale made through their referral links​.

Cookie Duration:

The program offers a cookie duration of 90 days, which is quite generous and allows affiliates to earn commissions for sales made through their referral links for a significant duration post-click​.

Additional Benefits:

The program provides a wide range of advertising materials to choose from, making it easier for affiliates to promote OfficeSuite products. It also boasts quick and easy application processes, long-term conversion opportunities, and regular exclusive campaigns with attractive incentives​.